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Ultimate California Bucketlist

Ultimate California Bucketlist

ULTIMATE CALIFORNIA BUCKETLIST: Explore California’s most beautiful places, unique experiences, hidden gems and must visit sights at your fingertips!

From the time I had moved to California, I fell in love with the state. I had traveled from coast to coast, through the rugged mountains, mighty peaks, vineyards and flower fields, coastal towns, deserts, sandy beaches, sprawling cities and many more incredible places within the state. I created this book as an homage to my time and travels in California.


This e-book is for all the curious travelers out there. It is for the avid travelers, wanderlusts who wants to explore the unique and hidden gems of California or a novice traveler wanting to visit the famous sights. It is also for any curious soul whose insatiable hunger to explore takes them places less traveled and off the beaten path. 


:: Highly visual e-Book with over 150 amazing places to see in California

:: 1000+ things to do in California

:: Many more unique experiences, hidden gems and must visits in the state

:: Free lifetime access and updates to the e-Book.


Is this a printed book?

No, it’s an interactive ebook in PDF format. When you purchase your copy, you’ll receive an email with the link to download the ebook file. Please be patient as the file downloads—it may take a while based on your internet connection speed.

Will I be able to view this ebook on a mobile, Kindle or iPad?

Yes, any device you use to view PDF’s you can view Ultimate California Bucketlist.

Do you offer refunds?

No. Because you can download the PDF and view all the contents, we cannot offer refunds on purchases.


Hi there!

I am Aswani Kurra. I am an engineer, dreamer and part-time wanderlust, writer and wine lover. I always had an urge to write, create and travel. So I created this space to satisfy my creative itch and combine all my skills to help you plan your Charming Escape.

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