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Magical Rio


There’s something in the waters of Rio that makes it magical. The city is so full of energy and spirit and you see it everywhere. I couldn’t help but fall under its spell. 

I was always fascinated by Latin America and imagined Brazil as a fascinating and exotic country with latin speaking, samba dancing super models and dudes! Rio in particular, did not disappoint. 🙂 I had a feeling of stepping into a whole new world of exotic everything!

This is how a day in Carioca’s (Resident of Rio) life looked like (from a tourist’s point of view anyway :P). Wake up in lush greenery, munch on tropical treats, workout on the beach, sip caipirinhas on the beach, gaze at the sunsets, eat healthy food, dance on the streets, live in the moment. These are the days that must happen to you! I believe “Live like there’s no tomorrow” is their motto. Life of a Carioca is GOALS!

Our routine in Rio:

  • Have an acai bowl with aqua de coco (Coconut water) for breakfast. Rio’s food was a respite for us after the visit to meat-loving Argentina. Brazilians are super health conscious – we even found gluten-free items. We stuffed ourselves with tropical fruits, acai bowls and sucos (fresh fruit juices) every chance we got. Food was some of the best I’ve eaten.


  • Beach walks with a suco or caipirinha or another aqua de coco. God, how much I missed coconuts!


  • Lunch at one of the several healthy buffet joints. We loved one place so much that we frequented it every day! The buffets in Rio charge you by weight of the plate. That way, you are cautious about the quantity and don’t waste. Clever concept!
  • Sightseeing and walk around Rio.

  • People watch along the beach. Cariocas are fitness freaks – like working out any time of the day (rain or shine) kinda fitness. I was amazed by their fitness levels and how creative they were – using beach as a gym, playing soccer in volleyball courts. Poster boys for Ripped abs and perfect posture!
  • Watch sunsets on a beach or enjoy the amazing views of the city.

  • Dine at great restaurants sipping on my favorite passion fruit Caipirinha. Couldn’t get enough of the Caipirinhas! 😉

  • Rinse and repeat the next day.

We usually like to visit off-the-beaten-path places in a city. But in Rio, we had to visit all the landmark sites just because its Rio!! When in Rio, you have got to visit the Christ, Sugar Loaf, Ipanema, Copacabana!

Highlights of Rio:

  • Cristo Redentor (Christ – The Redeemer) – A modern wonder of the world and a marvel. It’s sheer presence over the city of Rio is amazing. AND we survived the crazy crowd trying to get a glimpse of the Christ and take a picture with him on a cloudy day! Cute kids on their knees praying for the sun to come out – I’ve seen it all! Thank Christ the sun came out in the end;)


Pictures don’t do enough justice IMO!


  • Copa, Copacabana! Need I say anything else?! World famous Copacabana Beach along Avenida Atlantica. One of the best beaches in the world!

View of Copacabana from Confeteria Columbo


  • Must see sunsets at Ipanema Beach.  We were lucky to have caught this beautiful sunset on our last day in Rio.


Garota de Ipanema (Girl from Ipanema)!


  • 360degree views of Rio from Pão de Açúcar (Sugarloaf Mountain).



Sugarloaf Mountain


We were enchanted by the city’s charm; only wish we had more time to explore all the other exciting offerings!

Obrigado and te amo Rio!!

woman in sunflower field

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