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Best Beaches And Beach Clubs To Swim In Lake Como

The golden hour at Varenna Beach, Lake Como, with colorful waterfront houses, calm waters, and pebbled shores against a backdrop of verdant hills.

Lake Como is one of the most stunning destinations in Northern Italy known for its crystal clear waters and charming towns. While many who visit Lake Como admire the breathtaking views from the shores, some may be wondering if they can actually swim in the crystal clear waters of Lake Como.

We spent some time in Lake Como last year and had a fun time exploring the charming towns and villages as well as the beaches and beach clubs. In this article, we will explore the options for swimming in Lake Como, including beaches and lidos that are perfect to swim in and enjoy the refreshing waters of this iconic lake.

But first, the first important question —

Sunny day at a peaceful beach on Lake Como, showcasing luxurious lakeside villas surrounded by lush greenery and mountains.

Yes, Lake Como does have beaches. The beaches along Lake Como vary from sandy stretches to grassy areas and pebbly shores. There are public free beaches as well as private beach clubs and lidos for a more luxurious experience. To truly experience Italian hospitality, visiting a lido or a beach should be part of your Lake Como itinerary along with a private boat tour.

The southern areas of the lake is where the small towns are located and has much less beach area. The northern shores of the lake generally have larger beach sections with wide beaches and are more peaceful with fewer crowds. It is worth making a road trip to the northern part of lake Como if you want to have a beach day without crowds.

Yes, you can swim in Lake Como. It is a popular spot for various water sports, including swimming, especially during the warmer months. Lake Como has several public beaches and lidos that provide plenty of opportunities for swimming.

A lido is a public outdoor swimming area, often equipped with a beach, swimming pools, and other amenities like sun loungers, umbrellas, and sometimes a café or restaurant. These lidos provide a designated safe swimming zone in the lake.

Spiaggia Pubblica di Bellagio, located just south of Bellagio on Lake Como, is one of the most popular Lake Como beaches. The area is a mix of pebbly and grassy beach, perfect for sunbathing or enjoying a picnic. This public beach in the heart of Bellagio is a popular beach that provides easy access to the clear waters of Lake Como. 

It is a great place to swim while enjoying the beautiful views of Lake Como. The beach’s central location also provides easy access to Bellagio’s charming cafes and shops, enhancing the overall experience. Also known as the San Giovanni beach, it is a free beach and perfect place to have a refreshing swim on a hot summer day.

Spiaggia di Piona, is another peaceful beach on the northern shore of Lake Como, that is perfect to escape the crowds. This is a free beach with a mix of sand and pebbles, ideal for long walks or sunbathing. With minimal commercial development in the area, Spiaggia di Piona stands out for its pristine natural beauty and serene lake views, providing a relaxing day by the water. Note that the facilities are very basic. Make sure to pack food and essentials if you plan to visit.

Tranquil afternoon at Domaso Beach, Lake Como, with gentle waves lapping at the gravel shore and a picturesque mountain landscape.

Domaso Beach, located on the northern end of Lake Como, is a prime spot for water sports enthusiasts, particularly popular for windsurfing.

This public park and beach is one of the longest beaches on Lake Como. It is free to access and is a pebble beach that consists of basic amenities like showers and changing facilities. Domaso beach is close to local cafes and shops and is a perfect place to experience the quieter part of Lake Como. It is also a nice way to explore the ancient town of Domaso.

Another beach in the Northern end of Lake Como, this beach is ideal for those seeking a peaceful day by the lake. It is free and has fewer amenities, which contributes to its tranquil vibe. The beach is a filled with stones and pebbles with little shade. It is a good idea to carry necessary essentials.

Serene view of Colico Beach on Lake Como with clear blue waters, pebble shoreline, and snow-capped mountains in the distance, under a bright blue sky.

Colico Beach, located at the northern tip of Lake Como, is a bit away from the main attractions and the tourist towns. But it offers a wide beach area to enjoy your day. This beach is also great for windsurfing. It has some amenities like a picnic area with free access. Public transport is available via buses to Colico.

Historic Nesso bridge crossing a waterfall and stream on Lake Como, framed by traditional stone buildings and autumn-colored ivy.

Unique for its location near the historic Civera Bridge, this area offers exceptional clear waters and an instagram worthy views of Nesso. It is free, ideal for adventurous swimmers looking for an incredible setting.

Lenno Beach on the western shore is a great sandy beach with a club that offers a bar, restaurant, and sun loungers. It is a paid facility, ideal for a full day of relaxation and fun. It is very close to the beautiful Villa del Babianello which is one of the popular destinations in Lake Como.

A hotspot for the young and the young-at-heart, this lido offers a pool, lake access, and a bar with DJs. Entry is paid, and it is a popular place and well-known for its dynamic atmosphere in the heart of Bellagio. It is the best place for happy hour and nightlife as well.

Vibrant scene at Lido di Menaggio on Lake Como, featuring a poolside view with sunbathers and mountains stretching across the horizon.

Located near the town’s center, this lido has a large swimming pool area and a children’s area, making it perfect for families. It is a paid facility, with ample amenities such as playgrounds and mini golf to spend the day. It is one of the best things to do in Menaggio.

The golden hour at Varenna Beach, Lake Como, with colorful waterfront houses, calm waters, and pebbled shores against a backdrop of verdant hills.

Lido di Varenna is a charming and picturesque spot located in the quaint village of Varenna on the eastern shore of Lake Como. The facility provides access to a safe swimming area in the lake, complemented by a well-maintained sunbathing deck that offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and crystal-clear waters.

It is a paid facility, but the cost is considered reasonable for the amenities provided, which include sun beds, umbrellas, and a café serving refreshments and light meals. Lido di Varenna is a nice beach area for a summer swim.

This lido provides stunning views of Bellagio and features a relaxing pool and bar. It is a paid facility, ideal for a leisurely day of swimming and sunbathing.

Located near Como, this lido boasts a large pool and sunbathing area. It is a paid facility with incredible facilities and beautiful view of Villa Olmo.

Lido di Cernobbio is a private beach club with a large swimming pool as well as direct access to the lake. The beach club also offers ample sun beds, a chic café and bar area and a solarium for those looking to relax in the sun. There is an entrance fee to use the facilities but it is a great option for families and couples to have a relaxing day with great views of Lake Como.

Overlooking the small Isola Comacina, this lido is known for its scenic views and comfortable amenities. There is an entrance fee but it offers a perfect a day of leisure in a picturesque location.

A more understated option, this lido in the quaint village of Moltrasio offers basic facilities. It is a quiet place to enjoy the day by the lake. 

Lido di Bellano is known for its clean, organized setting and friendly staff, with great amenities like a cafe, sun beds, swimming pool and direct access to the Lake. It is one of the best spots to relax on the eastern shores of Lake Como.

Luxurious Tremezzo Beach Club on Lake Como with an elegant wooden boat docked by a floating pool, against a scenic mountainous backdrop.

Exclusive and luxurious, with a unique floating pool and exquisite services. Entry is exclusive to hotel guests or by paid reservation, offering an elite experience. It is one of the best luxury hotels in Lake Como and one of the best Instagram spots in Lake Como.

Teresio Olivelli Park nearby offers free access to the lake.

A private resort in Blevio, this beach club includes access to spa facilities and high-end dining. It is a paid facility, offering a day of indulgence and relaxation.

Exclusivity defines this club, available only to guests of Villa d’Este, offering a private swimming area and majestic lake views. The club enhances the luxurious stay at the hotel and is one of the most picturesque locations with incredible views.

Known for its lively atmosphere, Mandello Beach Club provides a pool and comprehensive leisure facilities. The club is a paid facility, popular for its vibrant setting.

Known for its lively atmosphere, Mandello Beach Club provides a pool and comprehensive leisure facilities. The club is a paid facility, popular for its vibrant setting.

Combining luxury with lakeside access, this resort and spa is a premium, paid option that offers guests every comfort and amenity for a relaxing day by the water.

Yes, Lake Como is perfectly safe to swim BUT you should follow certain safety protocols and tips mentioned below.

Summer months are best time to swim in Lake Como. Even in the summer, the water in Lake Como can be quite cool due to its depth and the surrounding mountains. Average water temperatures in Lake Como can still be cold in the summer. Be aware of the water temperatures especially if you plan to swim for an extended period of time.

Inviting Menaggio Beach on Lake Como with a promenade adorned by flags, a clear view of the water, and mountains rising in the distance.
  • Swimming Areas: Stick to designated swimming areas, particularly those marked for safe swimming, as boat traffic and hidden underwater hazards can pose risks in undesignated areas. Follow local guidelines and safety instructions.
  • Be aware of local regulations on where and when to swim.
  • Assess your swimming abilities realistically. Lake Como can have areas that are deep with strong currents, it is important to stay in the safe zone and be wary of deep areas.
  • Boat Traffic: Be aware of boat traffic. Lake Como is popular  for boating including private boat tours and boat taxis. It is important to stay within designated swimming zones to avoid areas with heavy boat traffic.

While Lake Como is generally clean, water quality can vary depending on the location and time of year. Look for official signs or information regarding water quality, especially at public beaches.

Consider the availability of facilities such as showers, changing rooms, restrooms, and lockers. Some beaches and beach clubs offer more amenities than others.

Do not expect to find a sandy beach in Lake Como. Some areas may have rocky shores or slippery surfaces and many beaches are quite pebbly. Wear water shoes or appropriate footwear.

Lake Como’s weather can change quickly, especially given its mountainous location. Check the weather forecast before planning your swim to avoid unforeseen conditions.

Swimming Skills: Assess your swimming abilities realistically. Lake Como can have areas of deep water suddenly, so it’s important to swim within your limits. Lake Como is also the deepest lake in Italy, it is highly recommended to use caution while swimming in the lake and follow guidelines laid out by the commune. The cool water can also be uncomfortable to swim in for some people.

Peak Times: During peak summer season, the beaches of Lake Como can become crowded. Early morning or later in the evening might offer a quieter and more enjoyable experience.

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