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Most beautiful almond blossoms in California

Woman in almond orchard Woodland

If you live in California and have not seen almond blossoms in spring, you are seriously missing out! Almond bloom in spring is one of the best sights you will see in California. The orchards of Central and Northern California are filled with white flowers and resemble white snow. I recently read that California produces 80% of world’s almonds and 100% of United States supply. After reading this fact, it comes as no surprise that there are so many almond orchards are all over California. 

Almond trees are one of the first ones to bloom and a sign that spring is coming to California. In this blogpost, I give you all the details about where to find the best and most enchanting almond blossoms in California. 

Almond blossoms Woodland, California

Woman among almond flowers, Winters

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Best months to see almond blossoms in California

Mid-February to mid-March is the best time to see almond blossoms in California. How do you know for sure that the almond orchards are in full bloom? One sure shot is to search on Instagram using geotags. I also like to search on Google and Yelp for recent reviews and photos.

Almond blossoms Winters, California

Best time of the day to visit

Best time of the day to see the almond blossoms is golden hour, just after sunrise or before sunset. We visited two orchards one right after sunrise and another a little later and you can see the harsh shadows in the latter one.

How to dress and photography tips

Woman in beautiful almond orchards California

Woman in Almond orchard

The orchards can sometimes be wet so I suggest wearing comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

As for dressing, I like floral dresses, matching white clothing, hats, flower crowns and special occasion dresses. You do you and run wild! 🙂

Things to note

  1. The orchards are private property so please be respectful. Do not trespass if there is such a sign.
  2. Do not touch or pick the flowers.
  3. Respect nature and surroundings. Leave no trace.

Where to find the best almond blossoms in California?

Woman among almond trees and blossoms Winters, California

YOLO County (Winters, Woodland)

This is the best area in Northern California to see almond blossoms. The blossoms are everywhere in Woodland and Winters. It does require a bit of driving around to find orchards that are in full bloom. Best almond blooms can be found on Hwy 505, Hwy 16 and many of the country roads in Woodland and Winters.

Almond blossoms in Winters, California

Along I-80 and Hwy 113 near Davis

We saw so many almond orchards along I-80 and Highway 113 near Davis. Again, I highly suggest driving around to find the best orchard with full bloom.

Almond trees in full bloom, California

Fresno Blossom Trail

Fresno County has the best blossoms in Central California and the county encourages people to come see their blossoms during spring. Follow the blossom trail to find not only the best almond blossoms but also pink peach and nectarine blossoms. Do note that the blossom trail is in fact 40-60 miles long and you can follow the map on their website. Spending a day in Fresno County is the best way to find the best blossoms in all colors.

Almond blossoms, California

Bakersfield and Kern County

The orchards are the closest to Southern California. The orchards in Bakersfield and Kern County are about 2 hrs away from Los Angeles and makes for a perfect half day or day trip. Hwy 43 exit along I-5 (near Shafter) is your best bet to find almond blossoms in this area.


Modesto is another place to find almond orchards during spring. Rodin Farms in Modesto has almond orchards where you can snap some photos and also stop by for some fresh goodies. 


I sincerely hope you get to see some this season or the next. If you have any questions, comment below or DM me on Instagram @acharmingescape. Be on the lookout for more spring inspired posts full of flower fields and wildflowers! 🙂


5 Best Almond blossoms in California

Best Almond blossoms in California

Almond blossoms in California


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